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I’ve been shooting, editing and directing music industry national marketing campaigns for the last 13 years (including over 300 commercials for some of the biggest bands in the world)…and to say that the music industry has ‘changed’ over that time span would be an understatement.

If you are a performer (e.g. band, artist, DJ), you know that if you are not capturing, managing & marketing your own image (especially with regard to live performance) you are not in the music ‘business’.  The traditional way of depending on outside representation to do it for you has disappeared, leaving a gap for truly talented performers of all kinds.

I founded gigjab to fill that gap.

To help the performer have a simple & cost efficient way to have performances captured effectively, make essential marketing use of the captured media and store it for all long or short term needs.

Take hold of your artistic image with gigjab!

Manny Merchan – Founder

We Shoot It

We use 5 unmanned GoPro cameras (controlled via wifi) to capture your performance. They are arranged and placed anywhere from an adjacent wall, to a mic stand, to your guitar itself.  They can also go right on your DJ board or just at a low angle at the base of the stage.  It’s like having a big budget multi camera concert shoot..without the expense!

We Cut It

We take your footage and edit whatever you need.  From a full concert edit to a 30 or 60 second commercial promo for your upcoming tour or your next venue pitch. For a small duplication fee you can always just walk away with all the raw footage.

We Store It

Unless you want to purchase your footage outright, we store it for you for any future needs.  Maybe you need a short 1 minute clip now to pitch your next venue, and maybe in 3 months you need the full concert edit to post to your website or send to your fans.  Whatever!

  • GigJab Pro Package
  • $449

    It's our only option, to make things easier

  • We show up and shoot your performance.  We then store the footage until you choose what you want produced from our menu options.  For a small extra fee, you can even just walk away with a raw copy of your footage, if you want!
  • A 5 GoPro Camera Shoot
  • Access to a la carte post production menu
  • Optional: $50 zip drive w/ raw footage
  • Start the process

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